Negotiation Planner

Simple and Effective Tools for Negotiation Success

Negotiation Planner is designed to dramatically improve your negotiation results through effective planning. Research shows that most negotiators do not plan properly to achieve negotiation success. The free, simple tools in Negotiation Planner enable you to gain advantage over unprepared negotiators. Example: a CEO saved $4 million when using the Negotiation Planning Checklist during a negotiation with a supplier. Other negotiators at all levels have reported millions of dollars in savings. The tools are described at Using the Tools.

Free Videos. Negotiation Planner includes links to free online videos that provide additional information about how to improve your negotiation skills. The videos are from an online course offered by the University of Michigan and Coursera, “Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills.”

George Siedel teaches the course. Hundreds of thousands of learners worldwide have enrolled in the course. They ranged from CEOs to inexperienced negotiators. The course includes a negotiation exercise that allows you to test your skills and obtain feedback. You can watch individual videos from the course (around 15 minutes each) or take the entire course for free. For additional information and comments from course participants, see Free Negotiation Course.

Negotiation Guidebook. For additional information about the tools in Negotiation Planner and how to develop your negotiation skills, see Negotiation Guidebook.

Free Company Training Program. A Free Company Training Program includes a Master Checklist that covers the entire negotiation process from planning through contract performance. The checklist is especially useful because each question in the list refers to videos and readings. The checklist can be used by individuals when taking the course . It also provides a framework for company negotiation training programs.

Developer. George Siedel, a professor at the University of Michigan, developed Negotiation Planner. Negotiation Planner is based on his years of experience in working with MBA students and successful leaders worldwide. George has received many teaching and research awards, including the recent Executive Program Professor of the Year Award from a consortium of leading universities. For further information, see About.