Your Personal Negotiation Performance Review

Following every important negotiation, conduct a personal review of your strategy and tactics. Try to list at least three things you did well during the negotiation and three areas for improvement. Periodically review the areas for improvement to determine whether certain items continue to appear on your list. Focus on these items as you attempt to improve your negotiation skills by reading about negotiation and watching effective negotiators in action. Here are questions to consider when evaluating your performance. The questions are based on material covered in the other tools and in Negotiating for Success:

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  1. Did I achieve my goal? Negotiation Planning Checklist
  2. If not, what caused failure to reach my goal?
  3. Did I develop a plan before the negotiation and did I use my plan successfully during the negotiation? See Negotiation Planning Checklist
  4. Did I assess my negotiation style before the negotiation? See Assess Your Negotiating Style
  5. Did I act in an ethical manner during the negotiation? See Checklist of Ethical Standards and Guidelines
  6. Did I ask questions and listen carefully to the answers?
  7. Did I develop and use my power (BATNA) during the negotiation? See Developing Your Negotiating Power
  8. Did I use psychological tools during the negotiation? Which ones were most effective? See Checklist of Psychological Tools
  9. Did I consider my life goals when preparing for the negotiation? See Life Goals Analysis
  10. Did my agreement result in an enforceable legal contract? See Contract Law Checklist

This is what I did well during this negotiation:

This is where I need to improve: