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George Siedel is the author of Negotiating for Success: Essential Strategies and Skills. The book has been ranked #1 on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. The book is available in paperback, Kindle and other formats.

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This book provides a practical introduction to the strategies and skills essential to success in business and personal negotiations. The book follows the four key stages of negotiation:

  • Stage One: Prepare to Negotiate
  • Stage Two: Use Key Strategies and Tactics During Negotiations
  • Stage Three: Close Your Negotiation with a Binding Contract
  • Stage Four: Perform and Evaluate Your Agreement

Based on the latest research and the experience of negotiators worldwide, Negotiation for Success enables you to:

  • complete a negotiation analysis that includes your reservation price and zone of potential agreement
  • use decision trees to calculate your alternatives if the negotiation is unsuccessful
  • assess your negotiating style
  • increase your negotiating power
  • decide how to resolve ethical dilemmas during negotiations
  • use psychological tools—and avoid psychological traps—during negotiations
  • evaluate your performance as a negotiator

Here is what readers say about Negotiating for Success:

  • I really enjoyed this course. The Videos and the Book were gripping and all points were very well articulated.

  • I feel this [book] will be my go-to guide during my future negotiation process.

  • This is an excellent book on negotiation…. I particularly like this text because it is clear, concise, and methodical. Although negotiation can seem complex, this text breaks down key strategies point-by-point, and these strategies for negotiating can be applied in every facet of life. This is a quick read, and an excellent resource, not merely for business, but for life.

  • The book is unique in its organization by covering each step in the negotiation process chronologically from preparation through performance…. The chronological order of the book made it easy to understand and each chapter has a "Key takeaway" summarizing the most important concepts covered. Further, the book provides concrete examples and case studies to show how the concepts are applied in practice and is written in a style which provides deep insights through plain language. I particularly enjoyed the Negotiation Style Assessment and the chapter on the "Use of Psychological Tools" for negotiation.

  • Great information for any skill level. Gives you a good checklist and keeps you on track.

  • Well written, informative; author is very knowledgeable on topic.

  • Its well-structured theory is supported with excellent examples collected from real life. Mr. Siedel uses English that can be easily understood by non-native speakers too.

  • Written in a very clear manner and with a lot of examples, so it was very easy to read.

  • A must read prior to any negotiation, small or large. Author is a professor who has lectured around the world.

  • Loved your book and Coursera class. A perfect articulation of ideas....