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George Siedel, who developed Negotiation Planner, teaches a popular MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for the University of Michigan and Coursera. You can watch individual videos from this course or you can take the entire course for free on your own schedule, at the best pacing for you. The course includes a negotiation exercise that allows you to test your negotiation skills and receive feedback. If you pass the course exam, you are eligible to receive a Verified Certificate from the University of Michigan and Coursera. Here is the link to the course:

University of Michigan/Coursera Negotiation Skills Course

The English version of the course has subtitles in the following languages: Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian. The course has also been translated into Portuguese and Spanish:

Free Course in Portuguese

Free Course in Spanish

Hundreds of thousands of learners worldwide have enrolled in the course since it was first offered in October 2014. The course is offered on-demand so that it can be taken any time. To help learners with the learning process and their future negotiations, George wrote the guidebook Negotiating for Success: Essential Strategies and Skills.

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Course participants include bankers, business owners, CEOs, consultants, contract managers, diplomats, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, general managers, government employees, healthcare professionals, IT managers, physicians, professional negotiators, project managers, purchasing specialists, real estate professionals, retirees, sales agents, senior executives, and students.

Here are some of their comments about the course:

  • Felt just like watching "Breaking Bad." Couldn't wait for the next video.

  • Prof.Siedel's Negotiation Skills Coursera program is a master class in negotiation, suitable for beginner and advanced students alike. I have privately studied negotiation skills for 2 years now and gained invaluable new insights from Prof.Siedel's course - which is by the far the best MOOC I have encountered - both for content and Prof. Siedel's management of the program.

  • Just closed 2.5 M deal based on learning that you provide @ coursera. Great feeling and great knowledge. Thank you so much.

  • It has been one of the few classes that completely changed my perception of the world.

  • A technique [from the course] just got me a 25% salary increase on a new job negotiation.

  • I've worked and continue to work with famous politicians, officials and prominent names. Yet you are a role model for me when it comes to negotiation.

  • You could not imagine how thankful I am. This is for me pretty much like a miracle. Has been one of the best experiences in my life.

  • OMG I do not believe this!! Dr. Siedel you are excellent educator. I never thought that I could learn so much in a few weeks. It was an enlightening opportunity. I must confess that you're one of the best professors that I've ever had. Your lessons and illustrations were so easy to understand and internalize and it was so informative at the same time that I enjoyed every video.

  • Even with my seasoned experience, I still found many matters presented in your Negotiation course to be eye-opening. The anecdotes are fascinating, the technical calculations are intellectually rigorous, and the psychological traps and tools are invaluable! Thank you so much, Professor Siedel, for sharing with me and thousands of others students all other the world your wealth of knowledge, time, and efforts. I feel much more confident about my negotiating ability.

  • I went into the course thinking I knew it all about negotiations. Wow was I wrong!! What a great course.

  • Thanks to an assist from you, we saved at least a cool million in our negotiation.

  • The quality of your lectures and the mode of teaching were flawless.... Thank you for re-enforcing my trust and belief in all the great teachers in this world.